Sunday, 5 December 2010

i need to learn how to go to bed

these are some nightmares from when i was about 19. good night.


nerstes said...


kier said...


Wolf said...

ahaha, so i completely read that as "i need to learn how t be god in bed", which, uh, well, let's NOT analyze that slippage shall we? OK? 'K.
Gorgeous drawings. second from top rocks hard, baby!

Wolf said...

"how to be good in bed".
Though actually, being GOD in bed would be, uh, interesting?

Anonymous said...

You might enjoy Marwencol.

kier said...

wolf, to be god in bed could be interesting, or possibly disastrous. like thor bringing his hammer to bed. thank you wolfie, i miss you. x

anon, that film looks incredible, thanks so much for the tip. it's on my list now.