Monday, 10 August 2009

Kongeparken, part 1

ricoh point & shoot camera, 100 iso slides film.


Frank Jaffe said...

wow, love these pictures, it makes me think of Alice in Wonderland/Through the looking glass.
Very cool!

kier said...

i wouldn't have thought of that reference, but i see your point! thanks lot frank. xxx

A said...

These shots are nice. I love the colors.

Longue vie aux jours de pluie.

asthmabunny said...

åååååå kongeparken va så gøy! kan eg stjele bilder t bloggen min?

kier said...

ellen, selvfølgelig kan du stjele alle bilder du vil! helst med en liten linkydink (smileyface). xx!

A, thank you very much. those are some mighty fine shots on your blog, especially the one of jesus' feet all curled up and hanging there, yikes. x