Monday, 10 August 2009

at 38th street

Math took these photos of some of the covers i drew for the japanese bound edition of the voidoid.


Wolf said...

that's fucking hot man.
saw them before of course, but, damn. wish i'd been there. i like how they're disturbingly delicate in their fuckedupness, the faces. the "thing" dripping from them. it's like murdering someone with love, hehe.

and, i'm up and down, kinda ok, kinda weird, but, you know. being looked after so well i'd be a cunt to complain. here's the proof.

Anonymous said...


I JUST read your whole blog and I feel dizzy.... we have exactly the same cultural disturbing. From Buffy to Margiela passing by Rimbaud...

Your blog is great, never stop it, it's like someone's blogging me.

Bien à vous,


kier said...

shit wolf, your and marc's co-blog is such a thing to behold. i'm already a "follower" as it's called.

if you'd have been there it would have been even better. but not to worry, i'm sure i'll see you again sooner than we think. hang on, now there's a song at the top of the blog for you.

kier said...

anonymous/A, well wow, hi potential soulmate. please tell me you're exaggerating when you say you read the whole blog though, as i imagine that would be enormously time consuming and kind of painful. i'll keep blogging so stick around, and if you feel like it, introduce yourself further. xx