Friday, 4 September 2009

What do we do with the puppy dog tails

nikon f65 SLR, 100 iso slides film.


Mieze said...

Kier, you're very, very welcome. I'm happy to be able to give you things that meant something to me, and I hope you'll enjoy them for many years like I did!

So weird that you've got "Thrust in me" in an earlier post... I just watched "Llik Your Idols", a documentary on the cinema of Transgression on Tuesday this week.

Zedd was such a pretty girl.

About that poem, do with it what you want. I felt so strange writing it out again... it seems so badly written to me, I was kind of embarrassed! But if you think it's good enough, then I guess it can't be too terrible. And I would be pleased as punch to be part of Fleshworld in some way.

Take care....

Anonymous said...

æsj, grisehaler? sånn har eg spist:S