Monday, 21 September 2009

Kier does New York and London

new york


hey, i was in oslo this week seeing friends, and forgot to mention it here, but that's where i've been. i've put together a blog day of my photos from travelling to new york and london this summer for Dennis Cooper's blog, which is up this weekend! it'll be on top of the site until tuesday (permalink).

so head on over and check it out. i have a lot more photos from my trip which i'll be posting here eventually.


tomkendall said...

Great day Kier, how you been man? X

kier said...

hey tommy(sorry)! thank you. i slept with the window open on a cold night and got sick, not very sick, just annoying sick. that's me right now. i know i've been owing you a mail for a while and you will get it, i've just ended up in an email pileup. how are you?