Thursday, 27 August 2009


nikon f55 SLR, 100 iso slide film.

i had keyhole surgery yesterday to remove my gallbladder, because i've been having a lot of trouble with gallstones. i went home from the hospital just a handful of hours after the surgery, and i'm already feeling better than yesterday. i'm in some pain, but it's pretty minor. basically i'm sitting in bed with my laptop and the rabbit above there, watching films. it's okay to sleep with a stuffed animal when you're in pain. hope you're all good. xxx


tomkendall said...

Get well soon. Sorry i havent been in contact. Dissertation and general stress.
Feels like everything i do right now is SHITE.
What films you been watching?

kier said...

hey tom, no worries. when's your dissertation due? shake off that feeling, you know it's not true. right now i'm watching 2046 by wong kar wai, and earlier today i saw time bandits which was great. i saw a rubbish film called contact and a pretty nice one with tilda swinton called possible worlds. oh and i rewatched happy-go-lucky by mike leigh 'cause i needed to be cheered up, and it worked. you seen it yet? put it on your list.

kier said...

and i've been watching a british comedy called pulling, do you know it? it's pretty insane.

Camden said...

sleeping with bunnies is always always okay! get well soon.

kier said...

hey camden, thank you. xxxx