Sunday, 23 August 2009

new shirt



Put The Lotion In The Basket said...

nice tee xD.
I love meatboys..awesome of course
The papers cool all smooth and I love the size too.
Cool line
'so I tortured a few animals and blew up a building. BIG deal, who hasn't'...LOL.
and I laughed hard at the, playing scrabble punch line...LOL so not all baesements contain evil..interesting..hehehehehehe.
DRawings...what can I say..just immense talent as usual.
Thanks for sending it and for having the idea of exchanging work that was a good one man.
Have fun and I am glad you are back safe.
Nick XX

kier said...

thanks a million nick, i can't say how happy i am that you liked it. this exchange thing is one of the better ideas i've ever had, i think your return is the one i'm the most excited about. i'm all painfree so far today by the way, thanks for the well wishes. not everything that happens in the basement is bad... xxxx