Saturday, 1 August 2009

KOOL THING: a tape for Ellen('s car)


Anonymous said...

hello kier

just wanted to say hello and thank you

i know it's an awfull song, but..

"i'll eat when im hungry, drink when i'm dry and live my life on the square and even if the flesh falls off my face i know someone will be there to care"

bob dylan at 56

love, x


kier said...

hi alex, hello. it's an awful song, but that lyric's not so bad. and you never know when that flesh is gonna fall off, but i'll still care. all my love alex, x kier

winter rates said...

love that Lou Reed version of "This Magic Moment"... from Lost Highway...

kier said...

larry, yeah, that scene in the film is such an amazing thing. patricia arquette also helps.