Sunday, 30 August 2009

House down the street, part 2

Story by Nick B., drawings by Kier C. S.

By sitting long enough and cutting out all senses, sound, sight, taste I am able to travel along astral plains and float in the sky and see all. I see it, hear it, smell it all, all the world.
I am just flying, looking, floating, green blue sea, white horses break on the waves, blue green sky, white clouds, boats, lots of boats, some small, many large, docks, a port somewhere, small islands, it’s nice, it seems calm and ordered here.
A boy, young man, really looks out of his window towards a house, balconies on top and lower floors, he stares at the house hard, thinking
kanskje det er et eller annet rart om det huset , JEG er ikke sikker , enhver år det er en annen barn lever der , ikke en tøddel ny baby bortsett fra en ny barn , vanligvis fem eller seks år gamle , hver år en annen barn , der er fem barn nå.
‘maybe there is something strange about that house, I am not sure, every year there is another child living there, not a new baby but a new child, usually five or six years old, each year another child, there are five children now.
I focus on the house. Voices, children’s voices
‘Moma , Dónde es Moma y Papá , dónde are ellos ,
‘Moma, Where is Moma and Papa, where are they‘,
Another child’s voice
vivís aquí ahora , con Estados Unidos de América , somos su hermanos y hermanas now’‘no‘ , el niño says ‘I querer my real hermanos y hermana y Moma y Papá.
‘you live here now, with us, we are your brothers and sisters now’
‘no‘, the child says, ‘I want my real brothers and sister and Moma and Papa’.
I float back, the young man is still looking out of his window at the house, I look past him, behind him a PC on the screen ‘Flesh World’.
I drift back to consciousness, back to my room.
I google Flesh World. Kier an e mail link, open it
Kier…you must help those children. They need you help, help release them
Kier turns and walks to his PC, opens his e mails, reads, frowns, looks across to the house again and types ‘how’
Nick to Kier…become Captain Meatboy…Kier. Become him, free them.


Oscar B. said...

Boy, this is excellent! well done you both. You should carry on with this.

Put The Lotion In The Basket said...

Kier turns, three times, spins, first spin, black clothes appear on his body, covering him, second turn, muscles extend, stretch, fill out his body, third turn, courage, a feeling on undeafatable courage fills him.
He turns and leaves his room, his house and walks towards the house with the children.
He stands and looks at the house, there is a cellar with a solid oak door, he jumps into the air and dives as if into a swimming pool, his body firm, muscles tense, arms raised in front of him, clenched fists smash through the door, he lands on his feet in the basement room. Five children
‘Capitano Meatboy’ they shout and dance around, knowing they are now safe.
He gathers all five children in his Arms and jumps again into the air, through the smashed door back to his house, he ushers the children into his room and puts his finger to his lip‘ssshhh, du er pengeskap nå , vent her over
you are safe now, wait here’.
And once again he fly’s to the house, creeps up the basement stairs. Listens, a couple talking, planning their next trip, no doubt to abduct children as he creeps up the stairs a board creeks loudly, he stops, the conversation stops, then resumes, he moves forward, slowly opens the basement door a little, he can see a woman talking, he opens the door a little more and as he creeps into the room he is hit hard over the back of his head, he falls, it’s dark, he drifts into unconsciousness.

Put The Lotion In The Basket said...

He wakes, no sounds, the house empty, dark, he runs back to his house, the children are there safe.
He e mails Nick
‘Children safe, abductors have escaped.’
Nick to Kier. Ok I will see if I can find them
I drift into unconsciousness, travel astral plains, back to green, blue sea’s I hear voices, see a large boat.
‘Vi kanne starte atter , en annen huset et eller annet sted , flere barn , ja vi kanne starte atter‘.
‘We can start again, another house somewhere, more children, yes we can start again’.
And as they speak I sharpen my focus, a large boat, I drift back, into my room, e mail
Nick to Kier. Abductors on large boat at the docks, preparing new lives with more children.
Captain Meatboy again leaps into the air and fly’s, searching the docks, one large boat, he lands on the deck and walks along, listening, as he creeps he hears the voices of the abductors, then silence, a blow to the back of his head and a push and suddenly Captain Meatboy falls into the cold icy sea, splash and as he falls into the icy water deeper and deeper, he thinks,
‘denne er utgangen , når Jeg var gitt meg spesiell talenter av flyreise og styrke inne Paris av det Praktfull Amerikaneren Wizard Geralisimo Kjøtt han glemte å gir meg makten å svømme og her over JEG er inne icy vann , ubevisst faller , dypere og dypere’
‘this is the end, when I was given my special powers of flight and strength in Paris by the Grand American Wizard Geralisimo Meatboy he forgot to give me the power to swim and here I am in icy waters, unconscious falling, deeper and deeper’
and as he falls further the five children he had left in his room stop dancing and hold hands and turn round and round, faster and faster until they are a blurred circle and from that blurred centre fly’s the children’s spirit, a great white apparition formed from their spirit of life and love and the apparition fly’s from Kier’s window, racing over roads to the docks, plunges into the water, deeper, deeper where it find’s Captain Meatboy, the apparition lifts him, bringing him to the surface. He gasps for air, barely conscious.
‘use su especial poder Capitano Albóndiga’ the children shout, use su especial poder Capital Albóndiga el niños gritar ‘use ella ahora , uso el poder el General dió you’
‘use your special power Capitan Meatboy’ the children shout, ‘use it now, use the power the General gave you’
and on hearing that he reaches into his pocket and pulls some paper and a pen and draws the two abductors and a cage, with bars strong and tight and as he draws, a cage emerges from nowhere around the abductors imprisoning them forever.
‘Capitán Albóndiga usted ahorrar Estados Unidos de América de nuevo el niños chillar’.
‘Captain Meatboy you saved us again the children squeal‘,
‘No say’s Captain Meatboy we saved each other
And they all hold hands and dance together, singing as loudly as they can.

kier said...

oscar, it's already begun! thanks.

nick, my pens will feast on you tonight. x

Put The Lotion In The Basket said...

Thanks man, that's good of you.
I was wondering about, you like giving it to Dennis as a get well present, he seems to have taken to it in his blog and he's been a little down lately I think.
Your call though.
Hope you are well and Im proud to have done this with you^^
Nice One

kier said...

hey nick, that's a great idea. let me finish it and then i'll get that done. xxx

Put The Lotion In The Basket said...

Hope you re well btw