Saturday, 8 August 2009

hello new pinup

digital compact cam.


afk4life said...

lol, creeepy, how many cams do you have exactly? Your work is insanely good and I look forward to seeing more whenev you post. Be safe and keep doing what you do, cos its awesome.

Put The Lotion In The Basket said...

Hope you are well and pain free.
Love this of course, it's kinda how I feel a lot of the time, mechanical and damaged waiting for someone to flick a switch and make me work properly.
Have a good weekend man.
Love and Total Respect to you as always.

kier said...

doug, yeah i guess i do have a few. the digital isn't mine, i'm just borrowing it. then i have the SLR i've had since i was 16, a lomo coloursplash i got for my birthday maybe 4 years ago, the ricoh snapshot cam my dad had lying in a drawer so he gave that to me. those are the ones i'm using now at least. and i like disposables too. anyway, thanks a lot, it's really cool to hear. xxx

nick, i've been dodging the heavier pain for a while now, knock on wood. thanks nick. your last piece knocked me out, i'll comment when i've prosessed it more. all my love to you nick!