Saturday, 25 April 2009


(audio only)

a lot of melvins right now, i know. i hope you like it. this is the song Boris took their name from.


tomkendall said...

hey, this is ace. New Sunn 0)) album soon as well. I should have zine ready for completion soon. Im pretty lame at organizing myself as you (still having failed to receive that yukio mishima book) can testify.
Im thinking of going to japan for 6months to should come with. I'll send you the details!! X

kier said...

i'm psyched for the new sunn to come out. dylan carlson of earth! and oren ambarchi vocals. i think we match each other in organising skills, but i'm excited as hell about your zine. does it have a name? i should get on mine soon as well. i read about your japan-plans on dc, sounds too fucking great, what's the gig exactly? can i teach sleep, or joss whedon or something? i could do that.