Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Big Church (megszentségteleníthetetlenségeskedéseitekért)

(audio only)

from the new Sunn 0)) album, which is currently my morning breakfast-and-reading music. it's so fucking good and unbelievable.

i'm reading this book:

and for breakfast i ate havrefras cereal and a nectarine:

my t-shirt smells like bonfire today, which is really nice.


Put The Lotion In The Basket said...

Hi Kier
Hope you are well.
Thanks for sharing the music clip, I have never heard of that band before and I love it, I've watched some others on You Tube as well, one an amazing live show in Germany, awesome stuff..
Gordon Burn's book on Yorkshire Ripper is also really good, I think its called 'somebody's husband, somebody's son' another great one in this genre is Brian Master's on Dennis Nielson.
Anyway thanks for the clip

kier said...

hey nick, i'm so glad i got to turn you on to sunn 0))! a girl who works at the grocery store here asked me about my t-shirt (the one in the blog banner) so i got to tell her about them too. they're the greatest.

that dennis nilsen book is just east of me on my book shelf, and somebody told me about the ripper book, but i didn't look it up, so thank you. i'm psyched to read the nilsen book. xxx k

Put The Lotion In The Basket said...

The Nilsen books great. There are some odd things in it likee he actually thought he had killed a boy, then in the morning the boy woke up so Nisen walked him to the nearest tube station and waved him bye, bye, that's odd.
There's another serial killer Colin Ireland who facinates me, he killed gay men into sado-masocism, but there are no books on him, although he's mentioned on various web sites. I'm facinated that he decided to become a serial killer on New's Years Eve as a kinda New Years reslolution..WTF.
Here's what one source say's on him
'Colin Ireland (born March 16, 1954) is a British serial killer known as the "Gay Slayer" because he specifically murdered gay men. He killed a total of five men and one cat.

Ireland, who had picked up convictions for burglary and robbery in his twenties, decided to become a serial killer as a New Year resolution at the beginning of 1993. That year, while living in Southend, he started frequenting The Coleherne pub, a gay pub in west London. It was known as a place where men cruised for sexual partners and wore colour coded handkerchiefs that indicated their preferred role. Ireland sought men who liked the passive role and sadomasochism, so he could readily restrain them as they initially believed it was a sexual game'. You can see why I might be facinated ..LOL

kier said...

nick, wow, colin ireland is fascinating. i'm gonna look into him, thank you, shame there aren't any books. that nilsen story is bizarre, i wonder if that's the time nilsen's dog was the one to dicover he wasn't dead... i feel anxious to get in his mind a little, creepy as it sounds. i got your mail and i'm gonna write you back soon. xxx