Friday, 10 April 2009

"no ragazze di colore" (no colored girls)

Understand that Feb 2009 marks a 50% increase over the year before, due to the concerted efforts of model-turned-agent Bethanne Hardison and designer Dianne von Furstenberg to diversify U.S. runways. As stunning examples, in 2008, Donna Karan cast 1 ethnic model out of 23, Calvin Klein cast 1 out of 21, and Jill Stuart had NONE (Paris's entire 2008 Fashion Week -- 40 designers -- also had none -- but they're not demanding that the president's wife wear their clothes). Two years earlier in 2007, one-third of the U.S. runways (101 shows) had no models of color whatsoever. We know that because WWD reported it... so how can they now champion the cause of the same designers to be represented by our African-American First Lady?

Great article by Donna Michelle Anderson on racism on the runway, and those certain American designers outraged that they are being overlooked by Michelle Obama.

link: Huffington Post

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