Saturday, 25 April 2009

be my baby, part 5

i did these posts a long time ago with some of my favourite comics, and the actor's i'd like to see play them. i'm not necessarily crazy about film-adaptions of comics, it can go either way really, but i couldn't sleep one night so that's the game i played in me head. i didn't finish all the ones i had planned, so i'm just throwing out half the ones i didn't get around to now, with some minimal(see end of post) commentary.

Harris Allan as Calvin of Calvin & Hobbes. i know he's not primary school age, but the way Calvin is written he has to be capable of not just silliness and comedy, but diatribes on art and the school system, etc. so i'd do it straightforward, with the one surrealistic element of calvin being a small child played by a young man. besides, look, they have the same teeth!

Christian Bale as The Spirit. i should mention that the recent filmatisation of The Spirit should be disregarded as a an appropriative fucking over of some of (if not the) best comics ever made, by the sort-of godfather of comics Will Eisner (yeah, as in the Eisner Awards)

Gale Harold as The Spirit. i don't know which of the two i'd prefer. maybe Gale, since Bale gets his fair share of work, and Gale deserves the best roles that can be had.

Christopher Eccleston as Simon du Fleuve. in my experience, the French and the Belgian write the best comic books, if you're not so into the American and British superhero type genre, like me. Claude Auclair wrote this post-apocalyptic comic about Simon, a lone nomad who travels around wastelands where there sometimes are people, and sometimes other, much more alien things. it's so fucking beautiful and creepy, and it has that sci-fi-in-pre-industrial society i love so much (though in this case it's post-industrial-collapse, i guess? but they have the same feel). oh yeah, back to the thing i'm doing. Christopher Eccleston is kind of a god to me, so i'd put him in anything, but he'd be ideal for this character, the somewhat silent, tough and vulnerable Simon.

Sarah Michelle Gellar as Modesty Blaise. looking back, i'm not sure why i thought this was a good idea. not that it couldn't be great, but it's not an obvious choice. i was in a deep sarah-loving face when i did these, but i'll stand by it!

well, "minimal" my arse. i didn't mean to wax poetic, but so it went. if you ever have the chance i promise you these comics are more than worth the time, they're some of my favourites, and they are, of course, classics.

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