Monday, 13 April 2009 pulling the sales rank numbers from gay and lesbian books

According to author Mark R. Probst, has begun pulling the sales rank numbers from several gay and lesbian books, claiming that the books are "adult" and should be excluded from some searches and lists.

(...)due to the removal of sales rankings, the first title that pops up when one searches "homosexuality" on Amazon is A Parent's Guide to Preventing Homosexuality.

Books Stripped Of Amazon Sales Rankings:
Ellen DeGeneres: A Biography
Stephen Fry's autobiography
Anais Nin's Delta of Venus
Coming Out Of Shame: Transforming Gay And Lesbian Lives
The Gay And Lesbian Self-Esteem Book
Bi Lives: Bisexual Women Tell Their Stories
True Selves: Understanding Transsexualism—For Families, Friends, Coworkers, and Helping Professionals
Anne Fausto Sterling's Sexing the Body
Annie Proulx's Brokeback Mountain
Heather Has Two Mommies
Homophobia: A History

Books NOT Stripped Of Amazon Sales Rankings
Henry Miller's Tropic of Cancer
Belligerence and Debauchery: The Tucker Max Stories
The Complete A**hole's Guide To Handling Chicks
A Parent's Guide To Preventing Homosexuality
A Stripper's Tail: Confessions Of A Vegas Stripper
Seduce Me! What Women Really Want
The Professional Bachelor Dating Guide: How To Exploit Her Inner Psycho



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kier said...

ikkje sant! motherfucking crazypants!